This is the first episode of Survivor: Season 1.


(Helicopter containing the first 20 castaways of Survivor appears with Jeff Probst on board.)

Jeff Probst : Right now I am sitting on a helicopter full of twenty castaways who are about to endure the adventure of a lifetime. From a New York firefighter, to a stay-at-home mother, these castaways come from all over the country to have an adventure of a lifetime, become the first Sole Survivor, and leave the island with one million dollars. Welcome to the first ever season of Survivor!

(Jeff and the castaways exit the helicopter once it lands on a stretch of beach)

Jeff Probst : Welcome to Survivor. The twenty of you have been chosen for multiple reasons. Reasons that could help you further in this game. Those very reasons could also hurt your chances of being the Sole Survivor and walking away with the million dollar prize that goes with it.

Kia : (Confessional) When Jeff first announced that we were the contestants for Survivor, I was extremely excited. I was just like, I'm totally ready for this.

Jeff Probst : One very important aspect to this game is that the twenty of you will be split into two opposing tribes. These two tribes will battle it out every few days, to see who will be going to Tribal Council and voting someone out of the game. Tribal Council is the only way you will be able to get rid of someone. Every few days the tribes will battle it out to see which tribe will be loosing a member. That tribe will come see me at Tribal Council where each individual will cast a vote for who they would like to see go home. You can make alliances, you can break alliances, and trust me it will be a whole lot harder than you think it is. Ok now it is time for the tribes to be divided. Krystle, Evelyn, Ruth, Tamara, Cora, Bryan, Sheldon, Justin, Joe, and Jackson your tribe color is blue. The ten of you are now Espada. That means that Kia, Misty, Natalie, Teresa, Kendra, Samuel, Joshua, Ryan, Shawn, and Francesco are the yellow tribe. Your tribe name is La Flor. Your separate boats are over there, get into them and you will be taken to your new beach and home for the next few weeks.

(Espada Camp. The ten castaways get out of the boat and examine their beach.)

Ruth : (cheers) We are home!

Ruth : (Confessional) When we reached the beach I was so excited I just wanted to get there and start playing the game because you know, back home, I'm sort of legendary for always winning board games on family board game night.

Tamara : What do you guys think we should do first.

Jackson : I would probably think that building the shelter would be the logical way to go, based on what we probably would want for the first night.

Jackson : (Confessional) I've grown up in North Carolina, pretty much all of my life. Growing up on a farm, I think I'll have some leadership qualities that could help benefit the tribe. Of course I think that coming on too strong in the beginning would screw me over before I could even do anything about it.

Jackson : I think if we all just focus all of our attention on this shelter it will be built in no time.

Ruth : (Confessional) Right of the bat I'm trying to annalize the people I have to work with. I need to pick the right people so that I don't get the shaft later on in the game, and right now I'm thinking that working with Jackson, Tamara, Evelyn, Krystle, and Sheldon could benefit me later down the line.

(Tamara, Evelyn, Ruth, Jackson, Krystle, and Sheldon are collecting things for camp)

Ruth : Ok so I feel really good that if the six of us just take this and run with it, we will have the majority over the other four and hopefully we can maintain this for a while.

Evelyn : Yeah, because the other four won't see it coming and if we just keep it on the down low we could just rule this island.

Ruth : So we're all in. Ok it's a deal.

(La Flor Camp. Shawn falls while trying to get our of the boat, and Kia steps on top of him to reach the beach without helping him up.)

Kia : Ew, I thought there would be a house for us to live in.

Shawn : (getting up) We still have to build it.

Kia : Good thing your big, we can actually use you for something.

(The castaways get into camp and start collecting things for camp. Francesco, Misty, Natalie, Kia, and Kendra were with each other.)

Francesco : (Confessional) I know that in a group of ten everyone is going to be running around to make sure they aren't on the bottom of the group, and to ensure my safety, I'm going to layer on some charm so that the women in our tribe learn to trust me and so that I won't be on the chopping block any time soon.

Francesco : What do you girls think about our tribe.

Kia : It's alright at least we have a strong tribe, and some weaker ones that can go early on.

Francesco : Who do you trust.

Kia : I think if the five of us stay strong, there is no doubt in my mind that we can control this tribe.

Francesco : We still need to get a sixth for the majority.

Kia : I'm pretty sure that getting Shawn in on this alliance won't be that difficult. He's so desperate that I can get him to do anything that I say.

Misty : (Confessional) Francesco and Kia? There is no way I am going along with anything that they are saying right now, but if I just go along with whatever the tribe wants right now the target won't be on my back when it comes to voting people out.

(Everyone at the La Flor camp begins work on the shelter.)

Kendra : (takes deep breath) This is really hard work.

Kendra : (Confessional) In my every day life, I'm a mother of two beautiful twins, and I ususally stay at home so that I can take care of them, so being out here is going to be extremely difficult, only because I don't know if I am able to adapt to a new situation like this very easily.

Kendra : So this is the base of the shelter.

Shawn : Yeah we still have probably about another hour before we will be finished completely with the shelter, but I think we will be able to make it.

Kendra : I can honestly say this is way harder than giving birth to twins.

(Espada Camp. Cora, Bryan, Justin, and Joe are down by the water taking a dip.)

Cora : Do you think that the six of them are already making the majority.

Bryan : Probably.

Cora : Well I say that if the four of us can be a cohesive unit, then we can find cracks in the six of them and hopefully we will work our way into their little group.

Bryan : (Confessional) Do I think that Cora brings up a good point about the six person alliance that has already been formed on Day 2 of this game, maybe. I think that if we come off as a group than we will put targets on our backs too and I kinda just want to lay low at the moment and not cause any friction in the tribe.

(Jackson, Tamara, and Ruth are in the shelter watching Cora, Bryan, Justin, and Joe talking by the water.)

Tamara : Do you think they are planning on doing something.

Ruth : I don't know.

Tamara : We can't have them trying to switch the other members of our alliance.

Ruth : I think if we just sit back they will dig their own graves and we will still look like the good guys in all of this.

Jackson : I think we should just focus all of our energy in just winning the challenge, and then if we loose we will worry about the fact that there are fractures in our tribe.

Ruth : Ok. We just have to be worrying about what they are doing, so that we don't get blindsided.

Jackson : (Confessional) To be honest I just want our tribe to win and be cohesive as one whole unit. All of this strategy talk should be left for when we actually do lose...I really hope we don't lose this one.

(Both tribes head to their first Immunity Challenge.)

Jeff Probst : Come on in guys.

(Both tribes walk in and find their first Immunity Challenge.)

Jeff Probst : Are you guys ready to get to your first Immunity Challenge.

Castaways : Yes.

Jeff Probst : Here's how it works. Six members of your tribe are going to race to assemble a boat. They will then paddle the boat out to light their torch from a raft out in the ocean. After the six tribe members return from paddling the boat out the remaining four tribe members will complete a puzzle. Once they complete the puzzle they will use the planks used to make the boat to make a ladder to get to the top of the platform. The puzzle would be placed in the middle of the ladder. The first tribe to get all members to the top of the platform and light their fire barrel will win Immunity.

(The tribes get ready to run the challenge.)

Jeff Probst : Samuel, Joshua, Ryan, Francesco, Natalie, and Misty paddling for La Flor. Jackson, Bryan, Sheldon, Ruth, Cora, and Justin paddling for Espada. Survivors ready. Go.

(La Flor gets to the boat first and builds it faster than Espada)

Jeff Probst : La Flor out to an early lead. Espada really taking a long time assembling the boat.

(La Flor gets onto the boat and starts paddling towards the fire to light their torch.)

Jeff Probst : Espada really taking a long time with the boat. Cora trying to yell directions to her teammates.

Cora : Ruth, take that plank and connect those two pieces like that. Ok come on guys.

Jeff Probst : Espada finally gets their boat together and is now trying to catch La Flor who is almost at the fire barrel. Natalie lights the torch for La Flor. La Flor heading back.

Cora : Come on guys we can catch them!

Jeff Probst : Cora being very vocal while paddling out. Espada has reached their fire barrel. Ruth lights the torch for Espada. La Flor is already back to the beach. They worked very well in the first part of this challenge. Shawn, Teresa, Kendra, and Kia working on the puzzle for La Flor. Espada is catching up as they have now reached the shore. Get your planks and get moving Espada. You're still in this. Tamara, Joe, Krystle, and Evelyn working on the puzzle for Espada.

Evelyn : Put that piece here, Joe.

Joe : Where?

Evelyn : Right there Joe! Right there!

Jeff Probst : Evelyn being very vocal while making the puzzle. Espada has made up a lot of time, with Evelyn controlling the puzzle. Kendra and Kia holding up La Flor at the puzzle. Espada has finished their puzzle! Come on La Flor pick it up! Evelyn and Tamara working on the ladder for Espada. Espada has finished the ladder. They need to get their whole team on top of the platform and light their fire barrel. La Flor is not giving up. Espada is on the platform. Ruth lights the fire barrel. Espada wins Immunity!

(Espada tribe cheers and hugs in victory)

Jeff Probst : Espada congratulations, here's the Immunity Idol, head on back to camp. La Flor somebody is going to be the first person voted out of the game at tonight's Tribal Council, you have the afternoon to figure out who it's going to be. See you at Tribal.

Francesco : (Confessional) I know that an alliance was formed with some of the women of the tribe, but I also have a feeling that voting off some of the stronger men first would be a hindrance rather than a help to our tribe.

(Espada arrived back at camp, and everyone begins to cheer.)

Jackson : (Confessional) I'm so freaking excited right now. I mean we won, we don't have to go to Tribal Council. I think if we keep on winning everything will work out for this tribe.

Jackson : Ok guys this is totally honest righ now, but I think that this tribe is totally awesome. We killed it in that challenge.

Joe : We have to keep this optimism if we are gonna keep on winning too.

Joe : (Confessional) I was relieved that we won this challenge because if we didn't than I would probably go home for being the weak old man of the group. There is no doubt in my mind. But I'm not just the old weak man of our tribe, I am a strong willed, physically weak maybe, old man.

(La Flor arrived back at camp)

Ryan : That sucks man.

Joshua : We should of focused on who would be best at what and I think we should of put whoever was good at puzzles on the puzzles because that was the hardest part of this challenge.

Francesco : Not to put anybody on the spot, but I think that we should vote based on who didn't preform in the challenge today.

Kia : Maybe that's what you think right now, after we lost because of some of us on the team, but when you wanted me, Kendra, Natalie, and Misty in an alliance to take out the other members of the tribe, it was a completly different story.

Francesco : I don't know what you are talking about.

Francesco : (Confessional) I was trying to bring the group together and have a clean vote to get somebody weak off of our tribe, and then f****** Kia has to go and tell everybody about the deal I made with some of the women on the tribe. I just tried to get out of that situation as soon as possible.

Kia : Are you kidding me, you brought aside the girls of this f****** tribe and you said we can be in a f****** alliance, did you not.

Francesco : You don't need to scream.

Kia : I can do whatever the f*** I want because you are making up lies just so you can save your own ass. I mean come on.

Francesco : I just said after today's preformance maybe that is what we should base the vote on tonight. Ok?

Kia : Whatever.

(Kia walks away from the shelter and down the shore.)

Teresa : (Confessional) Kia just lost it she started swaring and yelling at Francesco. I know that it's wrong, but it did help out my game. For one it squashed a possible alliance that I wasn't a part of, and it also caused tension in the tribe that wasn't directed at me. So, I'm pretty sure that my name won't be on the chopping block for this vote.

(Natalie and Misty run after Kia so that they could talk about the confrontation with Francesco.)

Misty : Ok I think if the three of us have any chance of not going home tonight we have to form an alliance with some new people.

Kia : Yeah, Francesco always seemed pretty shady anyway, and now I can't even stand to look at him.

Misty : I know, but you are gonna have to be quiet about it for a little longer because we can't target him yet.

Kia : Why not.

Misty : First of all we need to secure numbers. Right now all we have is the three of us.

Kia : Ok, but I have Shawn in my back pocket, so that is four right there.

Misty : It is still not the majority though, they could easily flip it on you and take you out right now. I'm gonna go find some more numbers so that we can get out one of the outsiders of our alliance, ok?

Kia : Ok.

(Misty walks up to Teresa and Ryan.)

Misty : What do you guys think we should do?

Teresa : We were thinking about voting one of the girls.

Misty : Ok here's what I'm thinking. I have Kia, Natalie, and Shawn right now with me. If you two join us we will have the majority in the tribe and we can take out Kendra tonight.

Ryan : Right now I'm tight with Josh, so if it comes down to the seven of us after Francesco, Kendra, and Sam are gone, are you willing to vote Kia or Natalie.

Misty : I would take out Kia and Shawn before anybody else in this alliance.

Misty : (Confessional) Right now I have an alliance of seven going. I feel pretty strong about this alliance, I just need to have some feeling of what the other three are thinking at this point before Tribal.

(Francesco and Kendra are talking)

Francesco : After that blowup do you think they are gonna target me first or her?

Kendra : Probably her since she is weaker in the challenger, you know. I don't know, I mean it is really hard to know what everyone else is thinking, because since that meeting with you and the girls no one is talking strategy with me except you.

Kendra : (Confessional) Right now I'm feeling pretty worried, because no one is talking to me. It could be me or it could be someone else I don't really know anymore. Honestly we will just find out when we get to Tribal Council.

(Misty and Natalie are talking at the shelter)

Natalie : So who do we get out first?

Misty : Kia wants Francesco, but I think that our best bet for the future is that we keep the tribe strong at the moment and take out Kendra first.

Natalie : What if Kia acts up if we vote out Kendra instead of Francesco.

Misty : We would still have the majority over her. I'm not worried about it.

Natalie : Ok.

Natalie : (Confessional) At this point Misty is pretty much calling the shots. I still feel really uneasy about the whole thing, but at this point I'm just gonna vote the way she said to.

(La Flor heads to their first Tribal Council, La Flor walks into the Tribal Council.)

Jeff Probst : Behind each of you is a torch. Go ahead and grab a torch, and aproach a flame. Dip it in, and get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, because in this game, fire represents your life. As long as you have fire you are still in the game. When your fire is gone so are you. Welcome to Tribal Council, a place I'm sure none of you would like to be right now. Let's talk about first impressions. Kendra did you get a certain vibe from this tribe.

Kendra : When I first saw my tribe and we got back to the beach, I had a really good feeling that this would be a strong tribe. I think that we did show that in the challenge, even though we lost it, on the physcial side of things we were all there.

Jeff Probst : But Kendra, the puzzle makers looked pretty defeated during the last portion of the challenge, do you think that is a good sign of what's to come in upcoming challenges.

Kendra : I don't think so, I mean it's hard to be like woo hoo let's go get 'em when they are already at the top of the platform.

Jeff Probst : Natalie, do you buy that the four of them just gave up because they new they were gonna loose.

Natalie : You know, it's hard to say what would of happened and what could of happened throughout the challenge if other people would have done different things, and I think that actually was a big topic when we got back to camp.

Jeff Probst : Despite loosing, Teresa, how is this tribe functioning as a unit.

Teresa : I think that we were doing fine. We were all getting along, and there was no specific conflict between different tribe mates, until after we got back from the challenge and Kia went off on Francesco.

Jeff Probst : Kia is that true.

Kia : Um, yeah.

Jeff Probst : What was the fight about.

Kia : Well when we got back from the challenge, Francesco said that we should vote out one of the girls because they were the weak ones in the challenge today.

Francesco : That is totally not what I said. I said that the puzzle was the weak point in our run of the challenge, and that we should vote off someone based on how they did at the challenge today. Unfortunately it would put the spotlight on four people in our tribe.

Kia : That's not why I'm mad, I am mad because he made an alliance with the people working on the puzzle. So I was pissed off that he would just turn on his own alliance just a few days later just so that he could save his own ass, even if he wasn't the target to go home tonight.

Jeff Probst : So that would mean that Francesco had already formed an alliance with you, Teresa, Kendra, and Shawn.

Kia : He made an alliance with me, Kendra, Shawn, Natalie, and Misty. He didn't make one with Teresa, but she didn't cause a lot of the problems with the puzzle as some of the other people working on it, so I felt as though he was trying to target me.

Francesco : I wasn't trying to.

Kia : Well you should have made it a little more clearer.

Jeff Probst : So, Josh how does the tribe go on with such conflict going on between it's players.

Joshua : You know that is an interesting question, because I don't know if we can.

Jeff Probst : So does that mean we can expect to see either Kia or Francesco getting their torch snuffed tonight.

Joshua : Not necessarily, no. I think that we just have to contain it before it gets any worse and make sure that it doesn't hurt our tribe moving forward, and if that means voting one of them off at a certain point then it might have to happen.

Jeff Probst : So Ryan, is there any one leader that has taken control of this tribe.

Ryan : I don't think so, I mean with all of the game people are playing, it is hard to focus on what certain people are doing at every time. I think we are all so different that if anyone just came in and started just telling everyone what to do, that person would go home instantly.

Jeff Probst : By a show of hands who thinks that they could be in trouble tonight,

(Francesco, Kendra, and Teresa raise their hands.)

Jeff Probst : Wow only three people. Ok. Francesco why do you think you could be going home.

Francesco : I think that the conflict with Kia could come back to haunt me. After that confrontation no one came up to talk strategy to me except Kendra so I think I was left out of conversations for a reason.

Jeff Probst : Kendra why could it be you tonight.

Kendra : I think I was probably the only other person that no one was talking to during the time after the challenge, so I think if it came down to physcial ability it would be easy to just vote out the older stay-at-home mother.

Jeff Probst : Ok with that, it is time to vote. Natalie you're up.

(Natalie walks up and casts her vote.)

(Samuel walks up and casts his vote.)

(Francesco walks up and casts his vote.)

Francesco : I doubt that the other people in our tribe are gonna vote for you, but I would just like to say if I do go home, at least I got a vote in just for you. (Votes for Kia)

(Kendra walks up and casts her vote.)

(Misty walks up and casts her vote.)

(Teresa walks up and casts her vote.)

(Shawn walks up and casts his vote.)

(Kia walks up and casts her vote.)

Kia : I really wish this vote was for Fran, sorry girl. (Votes for Kendra)

(Joshua walks up and casts his vote.)

(Ryan walks up and casts his vote.)

Jeff Probst : I'll go tally the votes. Once the votes are read the decision is final. Person voted out must leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff Probst : First vote : Kia.

Kia, two votes Kia.

Kendra, two votes Kia, one vote Kendra.

Kendra, we are tied two votes Kia, two votes Kendra.

Kia, that's three votes Kia


Kendra, that's four votes Kendra, three votes Kia

Kendra, five votes Kendra

First person voted out of Survivor...Kendra. That's six. That's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Kendra, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go.

Kendra : Good luck you guys.

Jeff Probst : It is pretty clear that this vote was based on what was best for the tribe, let's see how that plays out. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight.

(The remaining nine members of La Flor retrieve their torches and leave Tribal Council.)

(Kendra's final words)

Kendra : You know I can't say I didn't see this one coming. After the big blowout between Fran and Kia, I thought that it would take some heat off of me for preforming badly in the challenge, but alas there is nothing I can do about it now, except go home and see my kids and hopefully they will just be proud that I came out here and did this.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 1:
La Flor
(7 votes)
Joshua, Kia, Misty, Natalie, Ryan, Shawn & Teresa
(3 votes)
Francesco, Kendra & Samuel
Kendra Cooper

Still in the RunningEdit

Bryan Cora Evelyn Jackson Joe Justin Krystle Ruth Sheldon Tamara
La Flor
Francesco Joshua Kendra Kia Misty Natalie Ryan Samuel Shawn Teresa